At Form Fitness your form is the foundation on which you build your life. A weak form leads to a lifetime of fruitless workouts and frustration. Invest in your health, learn how to train right, develop a solid foundation, and you will enjoy life to the fullest. Self-respect and self-worth do not come from a fancy environment (although our space is beautiful)— they come from within by pushing yourself to do more. Like no other Fitness center, Form Fitness is a place of support, a place of hope, and most of all a community center where you can be part of a family. Our group environment will help you overcome your doubts and form solid foundation.




We offer a range of fitness services in addition to our regular gym activities. We have a sunny childcare room with adult supervisions for kids too young to join parents in a class. Teach kids the importance of staying active and leading a healthy lifestyle.


We also provide seminars/programs and team building events for group gatherings interested in learning more about health and fitness. And if you're trying to set up a workout environment, whether in your home or office, let us know if we can help! Our gym is a great example of the thoughtfulness and consideration we can bring to design projects.





In designing your facility, we will:


> take the time to learn about your objective, budget, and needs, as

well as process an assessment of the space, to identify space function.


> provide a CAD design of the project in the form of an architectural

layout showing HVAC, electrical, and plumbing, as well as equipment

and furniture placement.


> provide a 3D model of the space before it is built.


> identify and procure equipment.


> provide project management from A to Z.


> provide detailed product specification and layout including:


- fitness equipment

- locker systems

- hardwood and/or rubber flooring

- commercial laundry equipment

- audio/visual equipment

- rock climbing walls

- gymnasiums

- group exercise equipment

- member management software and hardware

Our current facility is a prime example of the quality work which we bring to our customers. With our customers' needs in mind, we provide the utmost attention to quality and detail.







Looking for a fun, healthy way to energize, motivate and build teamwork amongst a group of people? Let us help you. We do this day in and day out with our classes, and we can help you create an event to remember—and remind your team how much fun physical activity can be!


From corporate team building events to gatherings of friends, families and associations, we can customize a program according to your needs and goals. Call us—we look forward to hearing from you!




Team Building Events

There's nothing like a little sweat, focus and an adrenaline-pumping group workout to help bring a group together!

Bring our expertise in class instruction and motivation to a team building event for a company outing or for a family activity. Bring together fun, focus and fitness to any group event!



Please contact:

MArcus Romo

650.322.FORM (3676)






Based on the your individual needs, we will:


> identify and procure the right workout equipment with less hassle and better service (we have relationships with all the leading fitness equipment manufacturers).


> identify the right types of flooring for each part of your project; flooring such as: 6 different aerobic wood floors, bamboo or quickstep, spinning or yoga flooring; non-slip flooring for wet areas such as showers and bathrooms.


> identify furniture needs (front counters, sales staff and personal training desks, cubical, massage beds, 14 different types of lockers and locking mechanisms).


> help with layout and placement of each piece of equipment/furniture to maximize the use of space.


> handle monthly and semi-annual services needed to maintain proper equipment function.


> provide around-the-clock service to handle any needs that you may have.




Our FORM Fitness team can:


> help with the staffing and management of your facilities.

   handle all aspects of staffing payroll, workers' comp, and other insurance needs of our employees.


> Staff your facility with certified group instructors and/or

   personal trainers and spa personnel.

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