Every year, billions of dollars are spent on diet products, fitness equipment, gym memberships and personal trainers, none of which can guarantee you weight loss. The only way you will achieve your fitness goal is by learning and applying what you have learned to your everyday life.  Often times in the health and fitness industry, "education" can have different meanings--it can depend on who is doing the teaching.


Rule Number 1

Find a trainer or instructor who lives what they teach every day. How FIT is the person trying to sell you on a gym membership, a product and/or a service. It should be a big clue how important fitness is to a gym employee or trainer--is he or she overweight or unfit? You deserve more than that. DEMAND results every day you train and make your private training sessions part of something temporary that will result in you being on your own, implementing all you have learned.

A trainer should be a person to help jump-start and send you on your way to a lifetime of fitness and wellness. A trainer should not be your THERAPIST or a BABY SITTER. They are paid to teach, promote, and help you attain your fitness goals in as little time as possible. As a general rule, it is human nature to try and find ways of taking the shorter route. This is especially true when it comes to fitness. It is your trainer's job to push you beyond what you are comfortable with -- each day more than the day before.

Progress often takes a back seat to development of friendship or the amount of fun a client and trainer can have chatting about life during the client's session. After a relationship has developed, it is up to the trainer to encourage the client to venture out and train on their own, at a gym or outside.

Sometimes clients who are working with a trainer are in a tough position: on one hand they are not happy to be spending a ton of money, without a clue as to how long they are committed. On the other hand, they may face walking away from a training relationship that is more habit than health.

FORM provides a great number of group exercise classes, which when combined with our personal training can result in achieving your fitness goals on your own -- with less help from a private trainer. Ultimately you are responsible for your own health. You cannot buy health. You must work for it every single day. Remember that you are the one in charge of your life and your health. Do not get lazy and think that you can pay someone else to do the work for you. Your fitness is not microwaveable.


Rule Number 2

Do not get distracted by expensive fees, a fancy exterior or interior, fancy equipment, and/or fancy packaging. True fitness could be achieved in your backyard, or at a park. No product or facility can provide you with more than what you can do on your own. Remember that you will ultimately pay for the expensive environment.

FORM provides a simple yet effective setting where you are focused on the task at hand rather than distractions. This focus is where a person will find discipline to push harder and to do more. Remember, there is a thin line between comfort zone and laziness.  It is up to you to place yourself in a setting where you have a better chance to focus and achieve your goal for that day.


Our classes are the best you can find in California and are taught by incredibly dedicated and motivational instructors who keep you engaged throughout your workout. From Flow to Cardio Circuit, our range of classes address a variety of needs and goals— from the needs of someone just starting to ease into physical activity to the goals of a hardcore athlete training for an event.



Get fit faster with the guidance, support and knowledge of our fitness gurus. All new members receive a free 60-minute session in their 1st month of membership!

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